William Van Horn (born February 15, 1939) has been a Disney comics artist and writer since 1988. He draws mostly Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge stories, including having written and/or illustrated stories based on the animated series DuckTales for Gladstone Publishing.

DuckTales stories by Van HornEdit

Story Originally published in
"Flights of Fancy" DuckTales #4
"Seeing The Blight" DuckTales #5
"Coin of the Realm" DuckTales #6
"Windfall On Mt G'zoontight" DuckTales #7
"The Bedeviled Dime" DuckTales #8
"The Whistling Ghost" DuckTales #10
"Sky High Hi-Jinks" DuckTales #11
"The Billion Bean Stampede" DuckTales #13

External linksEdit

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