Webby Saves the Day
Webby Saves the Day
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Written by
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Released 1989
Publisher Random House
ISBN 978-0679801931
# of pages
Series Disney's Wonderful World of Reading

Webby Saves the Day is a 1989 storybook based on DuckTales, published as part of the Disney's Wonderful World of Reading series. It presents an alternate version of some of the events of "The Treasure of the Golden Suns".


Donald leaves Huey, Dewey and Louie to stay with Uncle Scrooge McDuck, and they prove to be such a nuisance to him and his butler Duckworth that Scrooge hires Bentina Beakley as their nanny. Meanwhile, the Beagle Boys break into the mansion, and Mrs. Beakley's granddaughter Webby (incorrectly referred to as Mrs. Beakley's niece in this book) is the only one who catches them in the act.