Back to the Klondike original cover

Uncle Scrooge #2 (originally printed as Four Color Comics #456) contained the original printing of "Back to the Klondike", which was later adapted as the DuckTales episode of the same name.

This article is about the comic book. For the character, see Scrooge McDuck.

Uncle Scrooge is a long-running comic book starring Scrooge McDuck. It began publication in March of 1952, when then-current Disney comic publisher Dell Comics decided to give the character a try-out as a lead character in their Four Color Comics anthology series. After three Four Color issues labeled with the Uncle Scrooge title, Scrooge was granted his own title starting with issue number #4 (counting the try-out issues as one through three). The first 70 issues mostly consisted of stories written and drawn by Scrooge's creator, Carl Barks. Uncle Scrooge continued to be published by Dell's successor, Gold Key Comics, and later under Gladstone Publishing (twice), Disney Comics, Gemstone Publishing, Boom! Studios, and currently, IDW Publishing.

Several of the stories Carl Barks wrote for Uncle Scrooge in the 1950s and 1960s would be adapted into animation as episodes of DuckTales. In turn, after the cancellation of the Disney Comics DuckTales title, several issues of Uncle Scrooge ran DuckTales stories, some of which were reprints from the Gladstone title, DuckTales Magazine, and Disney Adventures, but there were also DuckTales stories previously unpublished in the United States.

Uncle Scrooge stories that became DuckTales episodesEdit

Original story Originally published in DuckTales episode
"Back to the Klondike" Uncle Scrooge #2
(Four Color #456)
"Back to the Klondike"
"The Horseradish Story" Uncle Scrooge #3 "Down and Out in Duckburg"
"Tralla La" Uncle Scrooge #6 "The Land of Trala La"
"The Lemming with the Locket" Uncle Scrooge #9 "Scrooge's Pet"
"The Golden Fleecing" Uncle Scrooge #12 "The Golden Fleecing"
"Land Beneath the Ground" Uncle Scrooge #13 "Earth-Quack!"
"The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan!" Uncle Scrooge #14 "Lost Crown of Genghis Khan"
"Hound of Whiskervilles" Uncle Scrooge #29 "The Curse of Castle McDuck"
"The Unsafe Safe" Uncle Scrooge 38 "The Unbreakable Bin"
"The Status Seeker" Uncle Scrooge #41 "Status Seekers"
"The Giant Robot Robbers" Uncle Scrooge #58 "Robot Robbers"
"Micro-Ducks from Outer Space" Uncle Scrooge #65 "Micro Ducks from Outer Space"

Uncle Scrooge issues with DuckTales storiesEdit

Image Issue
Published Featured DuckTales stories
UncleScrooge 266
266 March 1992
No image available
270 July 1992
  • "The Hex"
UncleScrooge 300
300 August 1996
No image available
326 January 21, 2004
No image available
328 March 17, 2004
No image available
340 March 16, 2005
  • "The Hardware Hardener"
No image available
363 March 2007
  • "Quacko-Quacko Island"
No image available
369 September 2007
No image available
373 January 2008
  • "Fool for Fuel"
No image available
379 July 2008
  • "'I' of the Storm"

Uncle Scrooge 392A Cover "A"

Uncle Scrooge 392B Cover "B"

UncleScrooge 392 SDCC San Diego Comic-Con exclusive

392 June 9, 2010

Uncle Scrooge 393A Cover "A"

UncleScrooge 393B Cover "B"

393 July 15, 2010
Uncle Scrooge 394
394 August 11, 2010
  • "The Curse of Flabbergé" (Part 1)
Uncle Scrooge 395
395 September 9, 2010
  • "The Curse of Flabbergé" (Part 2)
UncleScrooge 396
396 October 13, 2010
  • "Lovelorn Launchpad"
  • "Double Indemnity"
Uncle Scrooge 397
397 November 11, 2010
  • "The Last Auction Hero"
  • "A Dolt from the Blue"
  • "Big Blimp In Little Trouble"
Uncle Scrooge 398
398 December 8, 2010
  • "The Belt of Time"
Uncle Scrooge 399
399 January 5, 2011

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