Arturo[1] Tuskerninni is a recurring villain from Darkwing Duck, voiced by Kenneth Mars. An anthropomorphic walrus, his schemes always revolve around films and film-making. He also has a gang of three penguinswho follow him and do his bidding. One interesting characteristic of his is that he usually plays dumb, pretending he is either reformed or nothing doing anything wrong, only to reveal his scheme when the heroes are out of his way.

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Tuskerninni began his career as a law-abiding actor, but whether justified or not, he wasn't getting any recognition or roles. This brought him in financial troubles and for most of this period he went hungry. Then he got his big acting break and a plentiful paycheck, which he used to treat himself on good food, leading to the corpulent form he possesses these days. And with his weight gain, he lost the prospect for more roles. Unwilling to leave the world of the silver screen and seek a job elsewhere, he became a criminal director creating schemes for himself to star in. One way or another, he gained the loyalty of three penguins who are now his felonious assistants.

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  • Tuskerninni is named after the conductor Arturo Toscanini.
  • It is unclear whether the name is spelled "Tuskernini" or "Tuskerninni". The article uses "Tuskerninni" because most 1990s material, including the show bible and the Playmates Toys figurine, uses the spelling "Tuskerninni". A notable instance of the spelling "Tuskernini" is on the newspaper in the episode "Adopt-a-Con".

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