The Collector is a sinister being from the show Bonkers, and the main antagonist of the two-episode pilot "Going Bonkers". As the first villain whom Bonkers D. Bobcat encounters, he is somewhat like Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Obscured in shadows to start, he is later revealed to be an amalgamation of cartoon creatures. He wears gloves with pencils on the right, and sharpeners on the left, somewhat similar to Freddy Kreuger's razor hand from Nightmare on Elm Street. His main hobby is having Toons kidnapped and captured in suspended animation.

At the end of the two-part episode, his right glove comes off when he wriggles out of a pair of handcuffs, revealing a five-fingered human hand underneath. It turns out he is really a human nerd in disguise who has an obsession with cartoons. He is last seen backing away from his reflection in a mirror, apparently actually believing he is a Toon and having forsaken reality, and falling into a Toon world contained inside a steel box.

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