Scrooge McDuck
DuckTales character
Background information
First appearance "Christmas on Bear Mountain"
First TDA appearance "The Treasure of the Golden Suns"
Voiced by Alan Young
Created by Carl Barks
Character information
Full name
Other names Mr. McDee
Uncle Scrooge
Unca' Scrooge
Personality Greedy, shrewd, caring, heroic, honest, stubborn, adventurous, resourceful, protective, sensible, clever, compassionate, loyal, hard-working
Home Duckburg
Relatives Downy O'Drake (mother)
Fergus McDuck (father)
Hortense and Matilda McDuck (sisters)
Gideon McDuck and Rumpus Mcfowl (half-brothers)
Ludwig Von Drake (possible brother-in-law)
Eider (aunt)
Donald Duck (nephew)
Della Duck (niece)
Huey, Dewey and Louie (grandnephews)
Oscar Paperone (nephew)
Pets Baron Itzy Bitzy (flea)
Lucky (lemming)
Allies Donald Duck, Launchpad McQuack, Gyro Gearloose, Betina Beakley, Duckworth, Fenton Crackshell, Glittering Goldie, Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie, Webby Vanderquack, Ludwig Von Drake, Darkwing Duck
Enemies Magica De Spell, Flintheart Glomgold, John D. Rockerduck, Ma Beagle and the Beagle Boys, The Phantom Blot
Quote "I made [my fortune] by being smarter than the smarties and tougher than the toughies."
"Bless me bagpipes!"

Scrooge McDuck is a character created by Disney comic book writer/artist Carl Barks in 1947 for a Donald Duck comic book story titled "Christmas on Bear Mountain". As his name and personality suggest, he is named after and based on the character of Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol. Originally intended as a one-shot character, Scrooge proved to be so popular that he made many reappearances since then, and eventually he replaced Donald as the starring character in Barks' stories.

In animation, Scrooge first showed up in the intro sequence to The Mickey Mouse Club and then starred in a featurette titled Scrooge McDuck and Money, but he would be most prominently featured in DuckTales.

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