Piratsy Under the Seas is an episode of Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers. It was featured on September 16, 1989. It was the first episode outside the pilot episode.

When Dale takes out the trash he accidentally falls in the garbage truck and the other Rescue Rangers have to rescue him. Eventually they wind up on a garbage scow and Chip and Dale accidentally wind up stuck in a bottle. The bottle is eventually smuggled by Pirates. Chip and Dale manage to escape the bottle but they meet a bunch of rodent pirates. At first they seem friendly until after they go on a treasure hunt but Chip and Dale get put in a cage. Gadget, Monterey Jack, and Zipper build a submarine and eventually board the pirate ship. They find the pirate's treasure. Gadget plans to find a way out while Monty and Zipper find Chip and Dale. Monty impersonates their old captain while Zipper pretends to be his parrot. Just when they were about to leave Monty has a cheese attack and the Pi Rats find out that Monty is not their captain. The Pi Rats eventually tie up all the Rescue Rangers and attempt to feed them to Billy The Squid. Zipper manages to get free and causes Billy to sneeze and sets the other Rangers free. Gadget sets off the cannon and the Treasure goes down to the bottom of the ocean and the ship unsinks. Billy winds up in the crows nest and is used as a flag. The Rescue Rangers sail home in a barrell.

An alternate version of the story was in Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers (Disney Series) #3 as The King of the Beasts Caper Part 1.

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