"Negaduck" is the fifteenth episode of Darkwing Duck, and the third episode to air on ABC. It is also the last Darkwing Duck episode to premiere as part of the show's "spring preview" on the Disney Channel.


Darkwing Duck has been zapped with Megavolt's tronsplitter, separating his good side from his bad. Another zap with the two sides will restore him to normal, but his negative side is certain not to let that happen.


  • This episode is not the first appearance of the recurring villain Negaduck, as the Negaduck in this episode is the result of Darkwing himself being split into two separate entities, whereas the more famous Negaduck (who debuts in "Just Us Justice Ducks") is Darkwing's counterpart from another universe. Confusingly, this episode was often aired alongside episodes featuring the other Negaduck whenever he was spotlighted in the weekly "Chillin' with the Villains" marathons on Toon Disney. Additionally, the Birth of Negaduck! VHS, which contains this episode, depicts the second Negaduck on the cover, even though he isn't actually in this episode or the other episode featured on the tape.
  • This episode's plot is maybe a reference to the Star Trek episode "The Enemy Within".
  • Chip and Dale make a cameo appearance, in their classic forms, on Drake's TV.

Home video releasesEdit

  • Darkwing Duck: Birth of Negaduck!

Memorable quotesEdit

"I am... [cough... am the terror... that flaps in the night!]] [cough]] I am the cat... [cough]] ...that somebody let, out of the bag! I am Darkwing Duck"

Launchpad: We broke your statue playing indoors like you told us not to!

Posi-Drake: That old thing? Accidents will happen.
Gosalyn: Aren't you going to even ground us?
Posi-Drake: No, why should I?
Gosalyn: 'Cause, it's looks like a trainwreck!
Posi-Drake: Well, I think it looks much better this way. In fact, for doing such a good job, I'm raising your allowance!

Gosalyn: Oh, I get it, reverse psychology. Well, it won't work! I'm grounding me and taking away my allowance!
Nega-Drake: Well, if it ain't the Muddleheads! Anyone ever tell you what a lousy dresser you are, Herb?
Herb: But I paid top penny for this shirt...
Gosalyn: Darkwing! Are you all right?
Posi-Darkwing: I'm fine, but that poor bunny rabbit forgot his crowbar.
Nega-Darkwing: I am not Darkwing Duck! I am his evil counterpart, created by your machine!

Megavolt: You mean...
Nega-Darkwing: Yes.

Megavolt: SON! Let's you and me join forces and start our own criminal empire, son! Whaddaya say?

"I am the most fiendish terror that flaps in the darkest night! I am the skunk that pollutes your air! I am... NEGADUCK!!"
—Negaduck after being galvanized

Megavolt: Let's go do some major crime!

Negaduck: Crimes? Who cares about crimes? I'm into wanton mindless DESTRUCTION! Now to lay waste to St. Canard, just for the fun of it!

Megavolt: Ingrate! You're no son of mine!

"I am the shopping cart that nicks your paint job!"

Megavolt: Of course! This Darkwing's all positrons! My tron-splitter will galvanize him too!

Posi-Darkwing: Zap me!
Gosalyn: You're gonna go in there and kick Negaduck clear around the block?

Posi-Darkwing: No, I'm going to clean up that awful mess he's making! Let's get considerate!
Posiduck: Virtue is its own reward!
Negaduck: Oh, yeah? Well, I say: don't get mad, get EVEN!
Left Megavolt: Well, that's just peachy! You let that duck beat us!
Right Megavolt: Me? You're the one with the criminal tendencies.

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