Megabyte Beagle is one of the more minor Beagle Boys. He is arguably the smartest of them, since he's been to college and is able to program and reprogram computers. He appears in the five part serial Super DuckTales. Like Babyface, he completely lacks the facial hair his other brothers have.

Apearances Edit

Megabyte first appears in the DuckTales episode "Full Metal Duck"(part three of the five part serial Super DuckTales)Here, Ma Beaglecalls him to make a remote to control Gizmoduck's suit, so he will turn against Scrooge McDuck and his family. Despite his high intelligence, he is not without moments of stupidity, as when Huey, Dewey and Louie free Gizmoduck by stealing Megabyte's remote and swapping it with an identical one. Megabyte tries to thwart the pair by controlling Gizmoduck, only to find the remote only controls a Gizmoduck toy, to which Megabyte remarks "What did he do, shrink in the wash?" while failing to realize his sabotage plans had been sabotaged.

He didn't appear in any other episode after Super DuckTales.

Trivia Edit

  • Megabyte is the only Beagle Boy who's name doesn't start with a 'B'.

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