Magica De Spell is an evil sorceress who tries to steal Scrooge McDuck's Number One Dime on Duck Tales.

Here is a list of episodes that she appeared in

Send In The Clones

Magica's Shadow War

Raiders of the Lost Harp

Nothing To Fear

Till Nephews Do Us Part (Cameo Appearance at the end of the show)

The Unbreakable Bin (Only appearance in the Second Season)

She also made a cameo appearance on Darkwing Duck in the episode In Like Blunt alongside Flintheart Glomgold and The Beagle Boys.

Here's a list of the Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck comics that she appeared in

The Great Bubblegum Disaster from Duck Tales Magazine #4

The Bedeviled Dime from Duck Tales (Gladstone Series) #8

Road Rally from Duck Tales Magazine #7

Back In Time For A Dime in Duck Tales Magazine #8

Scrooge's Quest in Duck Tales (Disney Series) #s 1-7

The Dream Scheme in Disney Adventures #1

Dime After Dime in Disney Adventures #6

Mini Magica in Disney Adventures #7

A Dime In Time in Duck Tales (Disney Series) #s 17-18

Dime Crime in Disney Adventures #16

The Power of the Pyramids in Disney Adventures #35

Crisis On Infinite Darkwings in Darkwing Duck (Boom Series) #s 5-8

Dangerous Currency in Duck Tales (Boom Series) #s 5, and 6, and Darkwing Duck (Boom Series) #s 17-18

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