Queen Lahwhinie (often misspelled as LahwinnieLahwinie, and numerous of other name variations) is a mouse living somewhere onHawaii. She bears a strong physical resemblance to Clarice andGadget Hackwrench (especially the latter), differing in fashion style.

Personality Edit

She has been chosen to become the queen of the mouse tribes she lives with because she is adored by them, due to her ability to cease the imminent eruption of a nearby man-made model volcano. In reality, she simply discovered the mechanical functionality and used it to gain power of her tribe. To become a queen, she had to undergo a series of dangerous tests. After she met Gadget, she swaped roles with her and let Gadget undergo the series of tests. Meanwhile, Lahwhinie pretended to be Gadget. Nevertheless, at the end she became the queen of the tribe of mice.

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