Colonel Ivanod Spigot is the head of the Thembrian Air Force in the Disney television series TaleSpin.

Role in the series Edit

Unlike most Thembrians, Colonel Spigot does not speak with an accent, but suffers from a Napoleon complex and a lisp. He is often at odds with Baloo and is a rabid hater of Cape Suzette and the locals.

Baloo usually doesn't take Spigot seriously and it is often Spigot's soldiers who have to thwart Baloo instead of Spigot himself. Much of Baloo's jest comes from Spigot's diminutive stature and boastfulness. When Spigot bragged that he would claim a treasure for the glory of Thembria, Baloo scoffed "The only advantage he has in treasure hunting is that he is closest to the ground!"

In one episode, being outnumbered by the muscle of Spigot and his troops, Baloo and Kit play on Spigot's pompousness by sabotaging his network and messing up his orders, causing Spigot to lose his mind.

Appearances Edit

Episodes Edit

  • The Idol Rich 
  • The Golden Sprocket of Friendship 
  • A Spy in the Ointment
  • Flight of the Snow Duck
  • The Time Bandit
  • Gruel and Unusual Punishment
  • Flight School Confidential 
  • Flying Dupes

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