Bonkers episode
"Going Bonkers"
Season 1, Episode 10-11
Original air date September 4, 1993
Production code 4311-124 (Part 1)
4311-136 (Part 2)
Story by
Written by
Storyboards by
Directed by
First appearances
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"Toon for a Day"
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"In the Bag"

"Going Bonkers" is the two-part pilot episode to Bonkers, originally aired as a one-hour special on September 4, 1993, accompanied by a rerun of the compilation special Down and Out with Donald Duck.[1] Although it is meant to be the first episode in chronological order, it is actually the tenth and eleventh episodes in the original airing order (unless one does not count the original Disney Channel airdates of the previous nine episodes).


Part 1: "Going Bonkers"Edit

W.W. Wacky cancels Bonkers and his friends' show production. Bonkers joins the Hollywood Police with a partner, Lucky Piquel on a case for missing Toons, snatched by a criminal called 'The Collector'.

Part 2: "Gone Bonkers"Edit

Bonkers gets captured by Doodles during his search for Fall-Apart. Toots leads Piquel to the Collector's hideout, saving Bonkers. The Collector is revealed to be a human before he gets trapped in the prop box.

Home video releasesEdit

  • Bonkers: Going Bonkers


  • A clip from the short "Petal to the Metal" is used when Bonkers is working at the studio.
  • Toon Disney's reruns of "Gone Bonkers" cut out the shot of Lucky unplugging the Collector's lamination machine.


  1. The Wonderful World of Disney Television, by Bill Kotter. 1997, Hyperion.

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