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"Forever Goof"
Season 1, Episode 1-2
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Original air date September 5, 1992
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"Forever Goof" is the two-part series premiere of Goof Troop. It was originally broadcast as a one-hour special on September 5, 1992, accompanied by the "Gotta Be Gettin' Goofy" music video and a rerun of the Disneyland anthology episode The Goofy Success Story.[1] It was later split into two half-hour episodes for syndication, "Everything's Coming Up Goofy" and "Good Neighbor Goof".


Part 1: "Everything's Coming Up Goofy"Edit

When Goofy gets his job diploma in the mail, he and his son Max move to his hometown of Spoonerville. His new house just happens to be right next door to his old "friend" Pete. However, Pete tries to keep the Goofs away from the house so he can tear it down and build his own private golf course. When the Goofs sucessfully move in, Max befriends Pete's son P.J. and teaches him how to have fun.

Part 2: "Good Neighbor Goof"Edit

Later, when the Goofs hold a party for Pete and his family, an accident causes Pete to get into an argument with Goofy and the two forbid their sons from seeing each other again. Max and P.J. must think of a plan to set things right between their families.

Video releasesEdit

  • Goof Troop: Volume 2


  1. The Wonderful World of Disney Television: A Complete History, by Bill Kotter. 1997, Hyperion.

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