Fall-Apart Rabbit
Bonkers character
Fall Apart Rabbit
Background information
First appearance
First TDA appearance
Voiced by Frank Welker
Created by
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality humble, kind, loyal, helpful, forgetful but sometimes smart
Occupation Stunt double, bomb expert, Bonkers' assistant
Home Hollywood (formerly)
Washington, D.C. (current)
Allies Bonkers D. Bobcat, Lucky Piquel
Enemies The Collector, Chick and Stu
Likes helping out, disarming bombs, theme parks, hearing himself think, ironing
Dislikes losing any of his body parts when he fell apart, can't hear himself think, messed up on disarming a bomb
Quote "If I didn't fall apart, my name would be Stick-Together Rabbit, and that wouldn't be nearly as funny, now would it?"
Fall-Apart Rabbit is a friend of Bonkers D. Bobcat who appeared in the Bonkers episodes directed by Robert Taylor. He is a yellow bunny with detachable body parts (somewhat like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit), and as his name suggests, they tend to fall off easily. In the series, Fall-Apart worked as Bonkers' stunt double at Wackytoons Studios until his show was cancelled.

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