DuckTales KaBoom issue 1A
Cover "A"

DuckTales KaBoom issue 1B
Cover "B"

DuckTales (Boom! Studios) Issue 1C
Cover "C"

No image available
Second printing cover

DuckTales (Boom! Studios) Issue 1D
San Diego Comic-Con exclusive variant cover

Issue 1
Date published May 25, 2011
Publisher Boom! Studios
Cover artist Leonel Castellani (Cover "A")
Jonathan Gray (Cover "B")
James Silvani (Cover "C")
Arcade Art and Spiritgreen (SDCC variant)
Editor Christopher Burns
First appearances
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DuckTales Issue 1 was the first issue of the third DuckTales comic series, and the first part of the "Rightful Owners" arc.


"Rightful Owners - Part 1: Many Happy Returns"Edit

  • Writer: Warren Spector
  • Artists: José Massaroli, Leonel Castellani, and Magic Eye Studio
  • Letterer: Deron Bennett
  • Colorist: Braden Lamb
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  • The San Diego Comic-Con exclusive cover is a spoof of the cover to the Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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