Disney Adventures
Issue Volume 3, Number 8
Date published June 1993
Cover artist
First appearances Mondo B. Assetz
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Disney Adventures Volume 3 Number 8 was the 31st issue of Disney Adventures.

Featured Disney Afternoon comicsEdit

Darkwing Duck: "Watt's The Problem! Part 1: All's Plugged In and Nowhere To Flow!"Edit

Written by: Bobbi J.G Weiss
Art by:
Penciled by: Cosme Quartieri
Wanda Gattino
Inked by: Robert Bat
Rubén Torreiro
Lettered by:
Colored by:
Originally published in:
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Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers: "The Elm Street Whiz Kid"Edit

Written by: Lynn Barker
Art by:
Penciled by: José Massaroli
Inked by: Raul Barbéro
Rubén Torreiro
Lettered by: L. Lois Buhalis
Colored by:
Originally published in:
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  • According to solicitations for this issue in Disney's comic books, as well as the "Next issue" page at the end of the previous issue, this issue was supposed to feature a DuckTales story titled "Uncensored Scrooge", but possibly due to either space restrictions or the story not being finished in time, it was replaced by the Dinosaurs story "The Pest Years of Our Lives" (reprinted from Disney's Colossal Comics Collection #10). "Uncensored Scrooge" would eventually see print in the February 1996 issue.

Memorable quotesEdit

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the fingernail that scrapes across the blackboard of injustice! I am Darkwiiiing-- [Launchpad's bubble pops] Launchpad!!
Launchpad: Oops! Sorry, DW!
Darkwing: Let me get this straight--the bad guys have come to the good guys to get help saving a bad guy from a bad guy?!
Steelbeak: Who's he supposed to be--spokesman for the Monosyllabic Morons Club or something?
Steelbeak: Aw, don't take it personally, 'Volts! Look, once the conversion process melts your brain to mush, youse won't mind workin' for me 'cuz youse won't remember your own name anyway!
Megavolt: I don't need your help forgetting my name! I can do that myself!

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