Disney Adventures
Issue Volume 2, Number 5
Date published March 1992
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Disney Adventures Volume 2, Number 5 was the seventeenth issue of Disney Adventures.

Featured Disney Afternoon storiesEdit

DuckTales: "Return to the Moon"Edit

Written by: John Blair Moore
Art by:
Penciled by: Wanda Gattino
Inked by: Carlos Paura
Robert Bat
Rubén Torreiro
Lettered by:
Colored by:
Originally published in:

When Scrooge becomes convinced that there are valuable minerals on the moon (due to the diamond cuff links he got from his last trip there), he and the nephews go up there and encounter a group of treasure-hoarding aliens.

Darkwing Duck: "The Found World"Edit

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TaleSpin: "The Gates of Shambala, Part 1: The Silver Tongue"Edit

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Memorable quotesEdit

Gosalyn: So take it easy for a while, Dad! You could use a vacation!

Drake: Vacation?! Layoff is a better word for it! Without a steady stream of stupendous stunts, the newspapers will forget all about Darkwing Duck!
Gosalyn: [holding up a newspaper with the headline "Dunkling Duke stumbles onto major crime ring"] Yeah! Like they already remember who you are!


  • "Return to the Moon" marks the first DuckTales story established to take place after Launchpad moves to St. Canard, as he mentions that he "knows this screwy duck and his daughter over there."

Reprint historyEdit

"The Found World" was reprinted in Darkwing Duck Classics.

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