Disney Adventures
Issue Volume 2, Number 4
Date published February 1992
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Disney Adventures Volume 2, Number 4 was the sixteenth issue of Disney Adventures.

Featured Disney Afternoon storiesEdit

TaleSpin: "Flimflam Flyboy"Edit

  • Writer: Bobbi J.G. Weiss
  • Penciller: Oscar F. Saavedra
  • Inker: Raul Barbéro

A teenager named Lupo wants Baloo to give him flying lessons, much to Kit's dismay, and things get worse when Kit finds out that Lupo actually idolizes Don Karnage!

Darkwing Duck: "Turnabout is F.O.W.L. Play"Edit

  • Writer: Doug Gray
  • Penciller: David Schwartz
  • Inker: Steve Steere

Steelbeak captures Darkwing and experiments on turning him into a criminal, but the Masked Mallard proves to be so inept at being a bad guy that he actually hinders other FOWL operations.

DuckTales: "Dime Crime"Edit

Magica impersonates Gladstone in order to steal the Number One Dime.

Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers: "His Honor, Fat Cat"Edit

When the Rangers find out that Fat Cat is running for mayor, they work to expose his dirty election tricks.

Memorable quotesEdit

Baloo: Hey Karny--how about a little reminder of life back on the farm?!
Karnage: What are you--[Baloo dumps the fertilizer into the Iron Vulture] YEECH!!
Kit: So long, Karnage! Hope you're stocked up on soap!
Karnage: This is not fair! I NEVER LIVED ON A FARM!


  • In addition to the above-listed stories, this issue also featured a Roger Rabbit comic story titled "Firehouse Frolic".
  • This is the only issue of Disney Adventures to include comic stories based on all four shows in the concurrent season of the Disney Afternoon.

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