Disney Adventures
Issue Volume 2, Number 12
Date published October 1992
Cover artist
First appearances The Back-Alley Bushwacker
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Disney Adventures Volume 2, Number 12 was the 24th issue of Disney Adventures, and the first issue to include a Goof Troop comic story.

Featured Disney Afternoon storiesEdit

Goof Troop: "Pavlov's Goof"Edit

Written by: Bobby J.G. Weiss
David Cody Weiss
Art by:
Penciled by: John Costanza
Inked by: Dave Hunt
Lettered by:
Colored by:
Originally published in:

Goofy gets hypnotized into doing Pete's chores by Pistol's toy hypnosis gun.

Darkwing Duck: "Hero for a Day"Edit

Written by: Doug Gray
Art by: John Blair Moore
Penciled by:
Inked by:
Lettered by:
Colored by:
Originally published in:

Darkwing gets injured while giving Launchpad his "hero training", so Launchpad fills in for him that night.

Memorable quotesEdit

Darkwing: In this lesson, I shall be cast against type and portray the helpless victim! Having stayed late at the office, I go home later than usual and unwittingly decide to cut through this dark alley! Horrors! My foolish mistake has played right into the hands of this foul fiend! I look up to see the face of the beast... it's the Back-Alley Bushwacker himself! ...As portrayed by Gosalyn's old buddy--the stuffed bear toy! HELP! Oh, HELP! Is there possibly a caped mystery man in the vicinity??
Launchpad: Why, yes! I am terrible, flapping in the night! I am the mailman who returns your letters for insufficient postage or because the address got smudged! Won't I get creamed by the time I say all that??
Darkwing: Just save me, all right??

"I flap terribly in the night! I am the plumber who unplugs your... [gets clobbered] I knew I'd never have time to say all that!"


  • This issue also included the second half of the Roger Rabbit comic story that began in the previous issue, "Roger the Barbarian".

Reprint historyEdit

Both stories were reprinted in Disney's Colossal Comics Collection #10.

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