Disney Adventures
Issue Volume 1, Number 1
Date published November 12, 1990
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Disney Adventures Volume 1, Number 1 was the first issue of Disney Adventures (not counting the preview issue).

Featured Disney Afternoon storiesEdit

Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers: "The Cheez-o Cheaters"Edit

The Rangers investigate the factory that's manufacturing a cheese with a hypnotic scent and find that Fat Cat is using it to brainwash all mice.

TaleSpin: "Louie's Ristorante"Edit

Baloo has to take Rebecca out to dinner at Louie's, which she thinks is a restaurant.

DuckTales: "The Dream Scheme"Edit

Magica antagonizes Scrooge in his dreams.


  • In addition to the above-listed stories, this issue also featured a reprint of "Good Neighbor Roger" from Roger Rabbit #1.

Reprint historyEdit

  • "The Dream Scheme" was reprinted in Disney's Colossal Comics Collection #1.
  • "The Cheez-o Cheaters" and "Louie's Ristorante" were reprinted in Disney's Colossal Comics Collection #2.

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