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Issue 18
Date published November 9, 2011
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The Goliath Chronicles title
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This issue's story continues from DuckTales #6.

Darkwing Duck Issue #18 was the eighteenth and final issue of the Darkwing Duck comic book published by Boom! Studios, and the conclusion of the "Dangerous Currency" arc.


"Dangerous Currency - Chapter 4"Edit

Written by: Ian Brill
Art by: José Massaroli
James Silvani
Penciled by:
Inked by: James Silvani
Lettered by:
Colored by:
Originally published in:
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  • Due to Boom! Studios losing the "core four" Disney comic book license earlier in 2011, this was notably the last US comic book featuring Scrooge McDuck, the Phantom Blot, and many of the characters from the Disney duck comics or DuckTales until IDW Publishing resumed publication of the "core four" Disney comic titles in 2015. However, between this story and IDW picking up the license, Daisy appeared in the comics published in Minnie & Daisy BFF Magazine, and Donald appeared in comic adaptations of the 2013 Mickey Mouse shorts, published in the Disney Comic Zone Summer 2013 Special. Scrooge also had a cameo in the newly-produced epilogue for Darkwing Duck: The Definitively Dangerous Edition, released just two months before Uncle Scrooge resumed under IDW.
  • This issue is, to date, the only appearance of Gandra Dee in any comic book story.
  • The "A" cover for Part 4 is an homage to the comic book Uncanny X-Men #101, which featured an image of the cosmic being Phoenix emerging from Jamaica Bay with some of her fellow X-Men. This issue's cover places Gizmoduck in a similar pose (and position relative to the other characters) as Phoenix held.
  • This issue implies that, in the context of this non-canon crossover, Donald Duck has by now officially finished his stint in the Navy, since we first see him at his home in Duckburg.
  • Donald is shown to have a model of the Miss Daisy (his boat from Mickey's Toontown at Disneyland) in a bottle, and a poster of The Wise Little Hen on his wall.

Reprint historyEdit

This issue's story was reprinted in the following publications:

  • Darkwing Duck / DuckTales: Dangerous Currency

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