Darkwing Duck: The Definitively Dangerous Edition
Darkwing Duck Definitively Dangerous Edition
Product details
Written by Aaron Sparrow
Tad Stones ("Untimely Terror of the Time Turtle")
Illustrated by James Silvani
Sabrina Alberghetti ("Toy With Me")
Released February 4, 2015
Publisher Joe Books
ISBN 1-92651-604-4
# of pages 416

Darkwing Duck: The Definitively Dangerous Edition is a Marvel Omnibus-style book published by Joe Books as a lead-in to their new Darkwing Duck comic book. It contains revised reprints of issues #1-16 of the previous Darkwing Duck comic that was published by Boom! Studios (including both stories from Darkwing Duck Annual #1), along with a new epilogue that will lead in to the new comic (replacing the no-longer-canon crossover arc "Dangerous Currency").[1][2]


Story Original publication
(US printing unless otherwise noted)
"The Duck Knight Returns" Darkwing Duck #1-4
"Crisis on Infinite Darkwings" Darkwing Duck #5-8
"Toy With Me" Darkwing Duck Annual #1
"The Untimely Terror of the Time Turtle"
"F.O.W.L. Disposition" Darkwing Duck #9-12
"Campaign Carnage" Darkwing Duck #13-16
"Epilogue" N/A
"The Secrets of Darkwing Duck" Lustiges Taschenbuch Premium #5: Darkwing Duck - Der Schrecken der Nacht (Germany)

Differences from the original issuesEdit

Visual changesEdit

  • Several dialogue balloons are noticeably resized, or even moved to a different part of the panel, to make room for the revised dialogue.
  • Thought balloons noticeably have thinner outlines.
The Duck Knight Returns
  • Issue #1
    • Page 5, panel 1: The Quackwerks employee's dialogue balloon is now written in all-caps.
    • Page 5, panel 3: Drake's mouth is open rather than shut. This was notably how the panel appeared in the previews for the original issue.
  • Issue #3
    • Pages 2 and 3: Launchpad's hair color is corrected (in the original version, it was miscolored as white). Also, "BUDDA" sound effects are added for the Crimebots' lasers.
    • Page 5, panel 5: The "KKKRRRIIIISHHH" sound effect is recolored.
    • Page 8, panels 2 and 3: Negaduck's teeth are removed.
  • Issue #4
    • Page 5, panel 3: The "ZNK" sound effect has been removed.
    • Page 6: The "ZZZOP", "ZZING", and "ZBOW" sound effects are recolored, and the "BING!" sound effect is removed.
    • Page 20, panel 6: Jambalaya Jake's beard and eyebrows are recolored correctly.


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