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Covington is the main antagonist of the TaleSpin episode "Molly Coddled".

Background Edit

Personality Edit

Covington is a very cunning, smooth-talking criminal with a desire for vast riches, prompting him to double cross even his allies and partners in crime.

Appearance Edit

Covington is a debonair jaguar con artist who wears a mustache, sharp clothing, and a toupée.

Role in the episode Edit

During a high-speed boat chase around Cape Suzette's inner harbor, Covington stashed an ancient wooden cat talisman that lead to a rich treasure on Skull Island in the Sea Duck to hide it from two criminal badger associates he recently double crossed. Molly Cunninghamsoon discovered that doll.

Covington soon discovered who took the the doll and began to work his charm on Rebecca's heart in order to get to the doll. Molly saw him for what he truly was and, knowing that he was really not interested in her mother, did everything she could to drive him away and keep him from getting his hands on the doll. After a series of tangles and shin-kicks from the little girl, he recovered the wooden figurine and briefly possessed the ruby statuette it pointed the way to, only to be foiled by Molly, who finally exposed him as a fraud to Rebecca. A little later on, after accidentally letting go of the ruby during a greedy struggle in a bubbling hot mud pit, he was finally caught by his ex-partners and received (off-screen) his just desserts from them.

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