Comic Book Capers promotional picture

Promotional artwork used as the cover for the VHS release.

"Comic Book Capers" (originally titled "Comic Book Classics" according to the series' production bible) is the eleventh episode of Darkwing Duck, and the ninth episode to premiere on The Disney Afternoon.



Darkwing and Launchpad run from the giant Megavolt in the comic book.

Darkwing objects strongly when he finds that the Awesome Comic Book Corporation's comic book based on his adventures is portraying him as a coward, so he decides to write and draw the comic himself. As he writes the comic, he gets continually distracted and, as a result, Gosalyn, Launchpad, Binkie Muddlefoot, and even Megavolt all make their own modifications to the story. He eventually gets the book finished, but when he shows it to the publisher, it's rejected, so he decides to instead sell the comic to Disney.

Home video releasesEdit


  • Darkwing Duck: Comic Book Capers


  • Darkwing Duck: Volume 1


  • Mickey Mouse is mentioned by Launchpad about how Darkwing has his own comic book just like Mickey. (Ironically, the current Mickey Mouse comic book at the time, Mickey Mouse Adventures, got cancelled shortly after this episode aired.)
  • The comic book panels shown in this episode depict Darkwing's outfit as being colored black instead of purple. This is possibly a nod to how, in the Donald Duck comics, Donald's sailor suit is usually colored black instead of the usual blue.


  • When Drake returns to the attic and yells "Are you reading my comic book?!", he's wearing his Darkwing apparel in the shot. He goes back to wearing his normal clothing in the next shot he's in.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Did Hemingway have this problem? No, because he didn't live next door to the Muddlefoots!"
—Drake after Binkie interrupts his work

"Ha! They call me mad! They call me insane! They were right. But I'M running things now!"

Darkwing: Your little game is over, you revolting revisionist! Give it back, so I can finish off the scene where I finish you off!

Megavolt: Wrong! In the last scene I'm gonna finish you off!
Darkwing: Sorry pal, this thing's reality-based. You don't stand a chance against me!
Megavolt: That's what you think, you hackneyed hack! In this edition, I'm now ten times bigger and more powerful!
Darkwing: No way! Lemme see that. Where?
Megavolt: Right there.
Darkwing: What?! What kind of crazy science fiction are you trying to write? In any case, you oughta be twenty times smaller!
Megavolt: What do you think you're doing?! I'm bigger!

Darkwing: Have it your way. I can beat you no matter what size shoe you wear.

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