Bonkers D. Bobcat
Bonkers character
Background information
First appearance
First TDA appearance
Voiced by Jim Cummings
Created by
Character information
Full name
Other names Trailmix (in its episode "Fistful of Anvils")
Personality Resourceful, honest, humble yet proud, furry, manic, hyperactive, innocent, enthusiastic, ultra-emotional, impulsive, positive, assertive, naive, buffoon-ish, hardly the brightest cop in the station
Occupation Wackytoons Studios actor (formerly)
Police detective/officer
Fawn Deer's boyfriend
Fall-Apart Rabbit's boss
Home Toontown
Allies His boss Lucky Piquel (formerly; after he leaves for Washington D.C. to become an FBI agent), his new boss/best friend Miranda Wright, his girlfriend Fawn Deer, Jitters A. Dog, Fall-Apart Rabbit, Toots the Horn, Mad Hatter, March Hare, Sgt. Frank Grating, Chief Leonard Kanifky, Marilyn Piquel, Mickey Mouse (#1 idol), Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Donald Duck (#2 idol), Goofy, Roger Rabbit, Benny the Cab, Toons
Enemies Grumbles the Grizzly, the Collector, Mr. Doodles, Lillith DuPrave, Al Vermin
Likes Gags, friends, justice, making everybody laugh, cereal prizes, reading the tabloid, watching cartoons
Dislikes Crime, evil, chaos, bad guys, no cereal prizes, being on everybody's bad side
Quote "Toons don't do 'normally' things. Makes us so much more adorable."
"Tr-rr-rust me!"
Bonkers D. Bobcat is the main character of Disney's 1993-94 television series Bonkers.
Raw Toonage 's former character, he is a star for cartoon shorts at Wackytoon Studios, an overly energetic and hyperactive, out-of-work, and as Toon Bobcat that works in the Toon Division of the Hollywood PD.


Bonkers mostly has the same personality as Roger Rabbit just as both go crazy in Toontown. Bonkers is not the brightest or the most thinking cop in the station.


Once a big star for a series of cartoons known as "He's Bonkers!" at Wackytoons Studios, Bonkers was a knobby-eared, Toon bobcat who was in love with his leading lady, Fawn Deer. He was almost never without his trusty companion, Jitters A. Dog, and usually facing the threats of his arch-rival, Grumbles the Grizzly. Behind the scenes, his other friends included: Fall A-part Rabbit (who served as his stunt-double), the Mad Hatter and March Hare (who served as his makeup artists), and his pet dog/horn, Toots.

Sadly, however, Bonkers was fired due to his show being bumped out of first place in ratings. He was then introduced to law enforcement when he unknowingly saved cartoon celebrity Donald Duck from a dangerous park mugger, mostly due to the help of officer Lucky Piquel, and was given full credit for the mugger's capture.

For his actions, he was given the Citizen of Valor award by the Chief of Police, Leonard Kanifky. Bonkers, while soaking in the praise, told the chief of his experiences starring in a cop cartoon series which helped in the capture of the mugger. Chief Kanifky believed his story, taking it for granted, thinking that Bonkers would be a benefit to the police force, and asked if the Toon would like a job working for the Hollywood PD, which Bonkers accepted. Bonkers then requested Lucky Piquel as his partner. However, meantime, all of Bonkers' old Toon friends mysteriously began disappearing, being kidnapped and brought into the hands of the evil "Collector". After solving the case, Bonkers' boss, W.W. Wacky, was impressed and offered Bonkers his job back, but Bonkers refused, stating that he wants to stay with Lucky, and thus, the Toon Division began.

After the rescue and many other strange cases with Bonkers, Lucky moved to Washington DC. in order to become an FBI agent. Bonkers later worked alongside the police officers Miranda Wright and Sergeant Grating, still remaining under Chief Leonard Kanifky.

Disney ParksEdit

Bonkers made regular appearances at Disneyland and Walt Disney World between 1993 and 1996, most notably starring in the Disney Afternoon stage show at Mickey's Starland in 1993 and 1994.

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