Darkwing Duck episode
"Beauty and the Beet"
Season 1, Episode 3
Original air date May 5, 1991 (Disney Channel)
September 9, 1991 (syndication)
Production code 4308-018
Story by
Written by John Behnke
Rob Humphrey
Jim Peterson
Storyboards by
Directed by
First appearances Bushroot
Title reference Beauty and the Beast
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"Beauty and the Beet" is the fourth episode of Darkwing Duck.


Darkwing Duck retells the tale of Dr. Bushroot's origin. Tormented and mocked by his colleagues one time too many, plant scientist Reginald Bushroot, now a half-plant and half-duck, vows revenge on his tormentors who bullied him.

Quotes Edit

Darkwing: There were six pairs of socks, some polka-dotted underwear and... Hey, wait a minute.
Launchpad: Heh. Sorry, DW. That's my laundry list.
Darkwing: You'll never get away with this, Dr Bushroot!

Bushroot: Oh, who's gonna stop me?

Darkwing: I am! The terror that flaps in the night! The termite that devours your floorboards! That is to say... Darkwing Duck!

"I was soon to discover that the only thing more dangerous than a half-plant, half-duck is a half-plant, half-duck in love."
—Darkwing's narration

"You feel 'so sorry' for that villainous vegetable? That, that.. flipped-out, felonious flora?!? I'M the one with the Swiss-cheese cape!"

Home video releasesEdit

  • Darkwing Duck: Volume 1


  • The title is a reference to the story Beauty and the Beast (which was adapted as a Disney film that was released just two months after this episode premiered).
  • Darkwing says the combination to the Darkwing Files Vault is 36R-42L, but when he looks on his foot, it says 15L-36R-62L.
  • Doctors Larson and Gary were named in tribute to Gary Larson's The Far Side and are designed to resemble the Pinheads, any of a number of unintelligent people with small pointy heads and thick glasses which appear frequently in The Far Side. This is the first of many Far Side call-outs and tributes through the show.
  • In maintaining the plant theme, Dr. Rhoda Dendron's name is a portmanteu of Rhododendron, a popular genus of beautiful flowering plants.

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