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Artie Deco is a character from the animated series Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears. He was voiced by series producer Jymm Magon in his first appearance on the show and by Brian Cummings in subsequent episodes.

History Edit

Artie Deco is Gusto's toucan friend and companion. Presumably he was born on Gusto's island, whereupon he befriended Gusto after he came to island and was subsequently trapped. Artie escaped with Gusto, Gruffi and Tummi after his island was destroyed by sinking into the sea, whereupon the four went to Gummi Glen. Artie later moved in with Gusto when he renovated an alcove behind a waterfall, but he lives with the Gummi Glen Gummies during the harsh winter months. Artie constantly gives Gusto comments on his sculptures and paintings, and rarely stays quiet for too long. Despite his chattiness, he is rather intelligent, as he helps the Gummi Bears with his avian abilities when their Gummiberry Juice cannot do the trick. Artie had once offered to help Cubbi Gummi master flying with a pair of artificial wings while at the same time trying to keep his loquaciousness under control (which proved a bad idea as he had secret reservations that Cubbi's flying lessons may indirectly lead to trouble). Another time when the Gummi Bears were caught in a cursed forest, Artie managed to escape and remark to himself that he needed to get help, and after seeing Tummi and Gusto, sarcastically said to himself "If I cannot find any help, those two are better than nothing".

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