Aladdin is an animated movie that was made in 1992.

Aladdin is a young thief who is forced to steal food to get by and live in the street. He starts out with no friends except for his pet monkey Abu. Aladdin eventually meets Princess Jasmine who is forced to marry a prince which she is not very happy about but her father the Sultan doesn't understand her. Meanwhile Jafar the Sultan's Royal Vizier seeks to betray him by finding a magic lamp in The Cave of Wonders with help from his parrot Iago. After being arrested by the guards Aladdin meets an elderly beggar who is Jafar in disguise. Jafar tells Aladdin about the cave of Wonders. When Aladdin and Abu go into the cave They meet a Magic Carpet who guides them to the lamp. Abu grabs a giant ruby despite being told not to touch anything and it causes the cave to collapse. Aladdin finds out Jafar's true intentions after giving him the lamp but Abu swipes it at the last second. Aladdin rubs it and a genie comes out of it. The Genie gets Aladdin, Abu, Magic Carpet, and Himself out of the cave in despite the fact that Aladdin never wished to get out of there. Aladdin wished to be a prince. Jafar tries to hypnotize The Sultan into forcing her to marry him but before the plan goes into effect Prince Ali Ababwa (who is really Aladdin in disguise) shows up. After a while Aladdin takes Jasmine on a magic carpet ride. She finds out it is him but he tells her that he sometimes dresses as a commoner to escape the pressures of palace life. After Jafar tries to drown Aladdin and the Genie saves his life Aladdin accidentally finds out that Jafar has been hypnotizing The Sultan with a snake staff and breaks it revealing to Jasmine and The Sultan Jafar's true intentions. The Sultan tells Aladdin that he wants him to rule in his place. Little does The Sultan know that Aladdin is not really a prince. After a conversation with the Genie about not letting him go free Iago steals the lamp and gives it to Jafar. Jafar uses the Genie to take over Agrabah and reveals to Jasmine that Aladdin is not really a prince and then sends him Abu and Magic Carpet to a frozen wasteland. Aladdin, Abu, and Carpet escape the frozen wasteland and return to Agrabah to save Jasmine, The Sultan, and The Genie from Jafar's Clutches. Aladdin eventually tricks Jafar into wishing that he was a genie. Then Jafar eventually gets trapped in the lamp taking Iago with him. The Genie sends Jafar's Lamp into the Cave of Wonders. Then Aladdin eventually wishes for The Genie's Freedom. Aladdin confesses to Jasmine about lying about being a prince. Then The Sultan aboloshes the law about the princess marrying a prince so Jasmine would be allowed to marry Aladdin. Then The Genie goes off on a world tour while Aladdin takes Jasmine on another magic carpet ride.

This movie was so popular it spawned two sequels The Return of Jafar, and Aladdin and The King of Thieves and a TV series that was once a part of The Disney Afternoon

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