A Goofy Movie was a movie that follows up on events from Goof Troop.

Max goes out of his way to try to impress his love interest Roxanne but he gets sent to The Principal's Office. Goofy forces Max to go with him on a fishing trip with him to Lake Destiny Idaho despite the fact that he wants to go to a party with some kids at school. They run into Pete and PJ along the way on some trips. Max changes the map so Goofy can take him to the Powerline Concert which he told Roxanne where he was going. After a brief argument Goofy finds out that Max is in love with Roxanne and agrees to take him to The Powerline Concert. At the end Max introduces Goofy to Roxanne.

Note: Peg, Pistol, Waffles and Chainsaw do not appear in the movie.

This is followed by the sequel An Extremely Goofy Movie.

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