DuckTales episode
"A DuckTales Valentine"
Season 3, Episode 93
DuckTales Valentine title card HQ
The title card to the original prime-time broadcast version (not used in reruns).
Original air date February 11, 1990
Production code 301
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"A DuckTales Valentine", also titled "Amour or Less", is a special Valentine's Day-themed episode of DuckTales that originally aired as a prime-time special on The Magical World of Disney on February 11, 1990. The original Magical World of Disney broadcast had the episode followed up with a rerun of an earlier episode of the anthology series, A Disney Valentine, which featured three romance-themed Disney shorts - Mickey's Delayed Date, Mr. Duck Steps Out, and Canine Casanova.


When Scrooge finds Cupid's arrows in the temple of Aphroducky, the Goddess of Love, he gets more than he bargained for when Aphroducky herself storms his mansion, looking for the arrows, and ends up falling in love with him after accidentally getting struck by one of the arrows.